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HOW TO S.T.A.R.T. Your Business: Begin with Under $200 & Grow to Six Figures (5 Step Action Plan)

Get ready to start your dream business! This guide book delivers a fool proof, easy to follow 5 step action plan that has been proven to work and get results. If you have started an idea and stopped, procrastinated or just plain ran out of steam - this guide will change everything!

You will learn how to bust past the roadblocks, gain traction and steer yourself in the right direction. Do not second guess yourself. You can do this and there is a system in place that will help you achieve your goal of starting a business. Get started today and start building wealth, pride in your idea and a legacy.... If you want to start a business, you can! 

I have used these tried and true techniques to develop my businesses and sold over $1,000,000 in merchandise - all online. Now, it's your turn!




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Power Focus! Self-Discipline for Business Owners

What if a few simple habits and strategies could help you stop putting things off and start getting things done? What if you kept every promise you made to yourself? What if you could enjoy guilt-free leisure at the end of each day?

This guide will help readers beat procrastination and achieve their goals. In this book you'll find a complete step-by-step guide to developing relentless self-discipline. You’ll discover why self-discipline is so important for business owners. You'll also discover how to change your mindset to cultivate success.

If you have a business or goal to achieve and you want to really start to thrive, then look no further. Become laser-focused and start knocking out "to-do" lists like a productivity champion. It all starts with a power focus mindset. 



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Totally Social! Why Social Media Influence Is Real & How You Can Get Paid

Traditional advertising is expensive and dying. Make way for the rise of Social Media Influencers! This is a less expensive and even greater way to find real engagement and true fans. Let the modern day everyday "celebrity" use their social media prowess to promote your brand or product.

Social Media Influencers have faithful followings that listen to their recommendations. These days, this advertising method is "word of mouth" marketing on steroids! Learn how to connect with influencers and how to run a successful campaign. Gaining new business doesn't have to be expensive. You just have to be social!



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Sell and Repeat! Master Email Marketing: Your Most Effective Sales Tool

If you wish to successfully launch your business, product or service, or whether you are rebranding - you need to use email marketing. Email is the most powerful sales tool in business. It even has better results than social media! 

To begin you’ll learn the tips and tricks you need for every step of the email marketing process. From creating an email list to writing the actual email all the way up to the moment you send it off.  There are tips to use every step of the way. These tips mean one thing - more sales! You don't want to make one sale, you want buyers back - again and again! Email is how that happens.  I have built an email list of well over 10,000 customers for my business and it is truly a gold mine and helps me sell thousands of dollars in goods to repeat buyers with ease, month-after-month.

If you want to increase revenue, then get learn how email marketing changes everything for small businesses in the modern world.



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The Mindset of a Gentleman: 10 Success Principles to Motivate, Inspire and Increase Productivity

Most of us would like to be more successful and productive. Whether it is in our private or working lives, the desire to be better, more prosperous, to thrive and be dynamic is something which many people aspire to. It can, however, be difficult to achieve this, especially in a fast-paced world filled with competition. 

But in this book, The Mindset of a Gentleman: 10 Success Principles to Motivate, Inspire & Increase Productivity, you have the opportunity to examine what it is that can drive success. Defining for yourself, whatever that may be... With 10 chapters, each one devoted to one of the principles, we will look at; Hope, Dedication, Optimism, Determination, Drive Adaptability, Resourcefulness, Quality, Positivity and Generosity Based on the real-life experiences of the author, RL Taylor himself. The Mindset of a Gentleman takes you through the practical application of each principle with the intention of motivating and inspiring you to becoming your own success story.
Being a gentleman in today's world should mean more than just dressing in a fashionable way. To be the total package you have to first develop a winning mindset...​​



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The Life of a Gentleman: Gain More Respect and Confidence with Lessons in Life, Etiquette and Personal Style
Laid out in an informational and workbook style, The Life of a Gentleman engages the reader and delivers a powerful message. Style is only the beginning as you will also learn about etiquette, manners, personal finance, mental health, and speech. This book does not talk down to the reader, but rather builds up with simple language, an engaging delivery and an encouraging tone. This is the essential guide to transform any man or adolescent male into a sophisticated gentleman that the world must respect. 
“Being a gentleman is as important today as ever. The Life of a Gentleman is not only a must-read for all men; it should be required reading!” -Dr. Milton Mattox, Author and Corporate Executive
“The rules of etiquette are usually unwritten. This is not only a book, but a guide to decoding the secrets of opportunity, employment, professionalism, advancement and social mobility for youth and adults” 
- Tim Weedon, Youth Developer, Boy's and Girls Club of Greater Washington DC



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Truth Don't Lie


NBA superstar Ty Stokes is trying to revamp his image after a nightclub shooting and police evasion. On the night of the crime, Ty shows up at a local hospital with an unexplainable head injury and claims amnesia. Ty’s cousin is charged with the crime, but skeptics feel Ty "The Truth" Stokes may be at fault. 

When Ty’s longtime friend and agent makes a deal with a ruthless organized crime kingpin that promises to make the scandal disappear, the stakes are raised to a deadly level. 

Is "The Truth" a liar or true to his word? This NBA star will soon realize that his most important game is off the basketball court. 



Dreaming of a Crayon Sun
Millions of dollars are at stake and everyone is connected. Once you're involved there's no way out. It's a high stakes game and lives are involved.
A friendly new neighbor may be what Rochelle is looking for. That is until she finds herself tangled in scandal.
Royce Tyler is back! The quick thinking attorney from Champagne, Jellybeans, and Chocolate swings into action. His first priority is to keep them all alive.
The pieces fall into place and everyone. . .is. . .connected.



Champagne, Jellybeans and Chocolate

THEY SAY JOY COMES AFTER PAIN….After years of hurt and failed relationships…What if the person that once made you the happiest reappeared in your life? ROYCE TYLER IS FINALLY PUTTING HIS LIFE BACK TOGETHER. Over the past year a series of horrific tragedies sent him spiraling into an inconsolable state of depression and turmoil. ENTER PAULA DANIELS, HIS COLLEGE ROMANCE. Her life consists of pampered luxury and being spoiled by men of distinction.Royce would love to jump at a second chance with her. ONE PROBLEM….HE’S HOMELESS. For the past few month’s he’s been living in his car. Even if he could conceal the truth long enough to get back on his feet, he’d have to compete with powerful men for her affection. WHAT WOULD YOU CHOOSE, LUXURY OR LOVE? Some women desire elaborate gifts and expensive jewels, only to find their exists some men that will buy their way into a woman’s heart. Other men will fight relentlessly to get there… 



Check Mate

North State University has just hired their newest professor. Dionne Harper can't wait to start her assignment. Her unemployed husband is reluctantly along for the ride. They escape the New York city life and head south to small town Grandridge, located in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. In Grandridge, the right circle of friends means everything... BUT WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GET TOO CLOSE?
Professor Harper fits into high class society, while Andre fights assimilation with firm resolve and flirts with deception. Their turbulent marriage is already falling apart when Andre crosses the line for the last time. Trust is a thing of the past. His interaction with an audacious new neighbor sparks a retaliation neither of them could imagine. WHO DO YOU RUN TO IN A TOWN WITH NO RULES?
The community's most powerful citizen teams up with his pool of well-connected friends to teach outsider Andre Harper a lesson he'll never forget. On and off campus strong allegiances are formed. Professor Dionne Harper must choose to align herself with the town’s upper elite or trust her husband one last time.



The Last Ms. Understanding

Rita Clark is a wealthy business executive that has relocated to a new city. She's acquired every luxury a woman could desire. The only thing missing in her life is someone to share it with... A visit to a local jazz lounge brings her face to face with Lee Johnson. Unfortunate circumstances have forced him out of professional athletics and into a blue collar job. Despite their lifestyle differences an irresistible urge pulls them together... Lee becomes distant and fights to conceal a mysterious history, while Rita becomes consumed by her flourishing career. Opportunity arises for Lee to reconnect with another special woman and right his past wrongs. All the while a job promotion offers Rita a chance to break through the glass ceiling in her male dominated field of work. But that would mean relocating overseas. Rita is forced to choose between career and love. The dilemma lies in Lee's secretive life that he's hidden from Rita. Once exposed - How understanding can she be? Where would you draw the line?