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Rich Taylor is a social media expert, entrepreneur, author, podcaster and innovator. In 2014 Rich took his love of men's style and fashion and established his own brand, named after his son, Harrison Blake Apparel.  Since that time he has devoted time to learning the in's and out's of social media, growing his social media accounts to over 100,000+ followers on Instagram alone. 
Rich began his entrepreneurial journey back in 2009 when he penned his debut novel. The book earned 5 Shades of Romance Magazine Readers Choice Awards. Ever since then, he's been an avid online entrepreneur, producing over 10 books, a highly rated podcast and generating over six-figure sales in e-commerce by leveraging the power of social media!  
As a consultant and coach, Rich is excited to assist others in reaching their full potential and help them achieve their goals. He works with established brands and new entrepreneurs who need assistance with social media. These  techniques he do not have to be expensive as you will find, creativity and innovation are the keys to success. Whether it's through coaching or letting Rich and his team mange your social media - taking advantage of expertise is a great idea.
As a business owner, you're busy handling so many tasks. The Gent Way Marketing is here to simplify things for its clients. We can invest our time to help improve brand loyalty and locate potential new clients for your brand. No more struggling for ideas and content - let Rich and The Gent Way Team implement innovative strategies and point your business in the right direction.
No hidden fees. No gimmicks. Just real results with an experienced Social Media Specialist.