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The Gent Way Media was founded by Rich Taylor. He is a podcaster, entrepreneur, author and innovator. Rich began his entrepreneurial journey back in 2009 when he penned his debut novel. Ever since then, he's been an avid online entrepreneur, author of over 10 books, and producer of a highly rated podcast. In 2014 he launched a men's fashion monthly subscription club and fashion accessory line, Harrison Blake Apparel. 
Now Rich is helping others grow their own personal brand through photography, business coaching and helping people leverage the power of social media! If you are ready to take your personal brand or business to the next level - get in touch today!
Steve Klein is a Lansing Michigan based photographer and graphic designer that has extensive experience in shooting portraits, editorial photos as well as working with fashion brands and social media influencers.
Whether you're looking for a professional photoshoot on-site or in our Lansing, MI studio, he delivers in a professional yet fun manner. Need to shoot in another location - no problem. Our team loves to travel!
Logo design and graphic work is always welcomed. As a trained artist, Steve is always busy working on his craft and ready to turn your idea into a true piece of art!
Sydnie Taylor has been shooting content for the past four years and her images have helped fuel the success of Harrison Blake Apparel, @wearlapelpins (90K+) as well as personal brand photography for Rich Taylor, @thelifeofagent (33K+). Her passion for photography started at a young age and her skills have progressed far beyond her years. We are proud to have her as part of our team!
Call or Text 1-567-343-1746 to schedule your session and/or discuss your needs