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Pilot: Meet the Gentlemen

In the Pilot episode of "The Life of a Gentleman," we introduce our hosts who come from various fashion backgrounds. Richard is the CEO of Harrison Blake Apparel, Denis is a stylist with a passion for ANYTHING fashion, and Charles is your "average Joe" who was raised under the gentleman lifestyle. Together, they will give you tips on how to dress and behave like a gentleman in different social situations. The Pilot focuses solely on getting to know our hosts as they each explain their upbringing and what their favorite men's accessory is. Continue listening for future episodes as the hosts will discuss 1st impressions, styling yourself on a budget, and choosing the right accessories for your outfit.    Follow...

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Network Like You're Rich

BE FEATURED ON THIS BLOG - LET"S CONNECT You've probably heard the saying, that your net worth is determined by your network. So many people that have achieved a high level of professional success vouch that this is true. Research also backs up this statement as accurate. But what I have found personally, is that sometimes it is challenging to make this a reality in your own personal circle of influence and perhaps even your community. The beautiful solution is that now, online connections can be made via social media and networking can now take place online as well as in-person. With this blog I plan to reach out to entrepreneurs and business owners for a handful of reasons. 1. To...

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