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Wear Your Reverse Cufflinks (With Your Matching Belt & Shoes) While Establishing Your Brand and Staying Positive: Episode 65

During this episode of The Life Of A Gentleman, Richard is first joined by Steve from Reverse Cufflinks. Steve explains what a "reverse cufflink" is and why he decided to create them. Being that his products are durable,  yet stylish, Richard agrees that Reverse Cufflinks change the way to wear a button-down shirt. Then, our style guru Denis Styles drops by to share his Style Tip Of The Week. Since there are gentlemen that wonder if their belt should match their shoes when styling an outfit, Denis' provides his insight. His answer might surprise you! For the second interview, Richard speaks with JT the publicist. JT tells listeners the difference between being a publicist and marketing brands. Richard and JT also discuss establishing a brand in a way that can attract the desired audience. As always, Darius joins the show for The Business Minute. This week, he gives advice on staying positive in order to stay determined toward your goals. Stay tuned for more episodes focused on fashion, lifestyle, and business.
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