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Wear Spread Collar Shirts, Be an Example for the Youth, & Know Your Suit Construction: Episode 42

During this episode of The Life of a Gentleman, Richard is first joined by Denis Styles where they discuss various types of shirt collars, including the extra spread collar. They both give their insight on maintaining the collar and Denis informs listeners how to style an extra spread collar shirt. Then, Marcus Strother of the Men & Women's Leadership Academy updates Richard on a new book his students are publishing. Marcus also speaks on how he continues to be an example and inspire his own children to become leaders themselves. Lastly, we introduce Nicholas, who is also known as the Suburban Gent, to contribute to the segment 'The Gentleman's Look.' Nicholas decides to dive into the different types of suit construction and the various price points you should look to buy a fused, half canvas, and full canvas suit. Stay tuned for more episodes focused on fashion, lifestyle, and etiquette.

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