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Take Proper Care of Your Possessions & Your Brand Is More Than Free Clothes: Episode 55

During this episode of The Life Of A Gentleman, the main focus is possessions. As gentleman, we should be able to care for our items as well as the items of others. Our newly appointed co-host, Darius, joins Richard to discuss the importance of being responsible for your things, whether it's your home or your car. Since the condition of our possessions is a reflection of us, both Richard and Darius provide tips to aid gentlemen in taking better care of those possessions. Then, Akil (aka Dapper Advisor) provides another perspective to the conversation. He explains to Richard that having a blog or brand should be more than the free items received from clothing companies. Akil provides insight into his process of creating a brand that is not dependent upon free items but on monetizing and creating a business. We also include an original song at the end to keep us all motivated to continue our journies as gentlemen. Stay tuned for more episodes on fashion, lifestyle, and business.

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