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Grab A Fit Snack, Grow Out Your Mustache, & Stay Away From Bragging: Episode 75

During this episode of The Life Of A Gentleman, Richard is first joined by Anita from Fit Snack. Fit Snack is a subscription service that provides natural snacks, products, & workouts to your door for a reasonable price. Anita explains how to identify non-natural foods and the value provided in their monthly boxes. She is even gracious enough to provide listeners with 30% their first order! Already being on the topic of natural, Denis Styles drops by to share his Style Tip Of The Week, which is all about mustaches. Denis reveals to Richard the process of growing out the "70's stache" and how it can bring your overall look to the next level. Lastly, Darius visits the show once again for The Business Minute. This segment is focused on the downsides of bragging and how it can ruin opportunities for your business. Both Darius and Richard share tips on making conversations less boastful and inclusive to whomever you're speaking with. Stay tuned for more episodes focused on fashion, lifestyle, and business.

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