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Episode 1: Who’s That?!

In this week's episode of "The Life of a Gentleman," our hosts discuss making the first impression and why it's so important. Before speaking, people are going to take time to see what you have on to make a judgment about you. Richard and Charles talk about how adding little touches to your outfit can positively affect your overall appearance. Our special guest, Stacey Tenenbaum talks about her documentary "Shiners," which focuses on shoe shining in various areas of the world. Our style expert, Denis, then reinforces how making the first impression is important. He also gives tips on finding the right clothes and when it's time to splurge and buy something you want. Lastly, our hosts give their Gentleman's Tip of the Week. Continue listening for future episodes as the hosts will discuss upgrading your personal style and the Gentleman's Code.   Follow us on Instagram  @gentlemanspodcast

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