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Create Your Own Side Business & Professional Website: Episode 43

During this episode of The Life of a Gentleman, our theme is focused on some business principles. While there are still aspects of lifestyle and fashion included, our host Richard wants to encourage all listeners to take the next step in starting a business and website. He is first joined by Darius, a serial entrepreneur and old friend of his. Darius and Richard discuss starting a side business in order to fuel your passion and produce extra income. They each give tips on creating and maintaining a side business and how to endure a 'losing streak.' Then, Akil McLeod (aka the Dapper Advisor), gives listeners insight on the importance of creating a professional website. Akil shares personal stories of how his website continues to open doors for him and network with people he would've never met. Stay tuned for more episodes focused on fashion, lifestyle, and etiquette.

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