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Cooking while Grooming Your Beard & Minding Your Manners (Again): Episode 29

In this 'best of' episode of "The Life of a Gentleman," our hosts Richard and Charles start out by discussing why gentlemen should cook. Before anyone runs away in fear, they remind the listener why it's important to know how to cook basic meals and how it contributes to healthier living. To further educate our listeners on grooming, our special guest Justin Maschouf, who is of Mystic Man Beard Company talks about the beard products and how it truly helps for any type of facial hair. Justin even gives listeners more tips on when to get beards trimmed and how to upkeep your hair. To instill the idea of etiquette and manners, our special guest Sharon Schweitzer gives her insight, how to gradually practice better manners, and her business practices. Stay tuned for more episodes on fashion, etiquette, and lifestyle. 

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