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Can Men Launch a Women’s Jewelry Line? & How to Transition into the IT Field

This week the podcast gets back on track after a break due to a hectic March 2019. Rich @thelifeofagent is joined by an old friend of the show @denis_styles and they discuss launching @amara_jewelry the new jewelry line for women by Harrison Blake Apparel. Richard explains how and why he decided to dabble into the world of women's accessories and how Denis adds his expertise into the mix. Learn about the behind the scenes aspect of a brand launch, how to select a brand "vibe" and models to bring the products to life. If you have a business idea and haven't pursued it - this show will give you the boost to do so. You will hear a conversation between two gentlemen that is positive, encouraging and full of actionable tips you can take to live your own dream.

Next up, Mr. Chris Johnson is a seasoned IT professional that has developed a system to help hungry entrepreneurs transition into IT. The world of IT can sometimes be a scary place, but Mr. Johnson explains ways you can learn shortcuts that will help you get ahead and really thrive. Get in touch with him and take your IT future into your own hands! His Online Course is a game changer!

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