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Be a Gentleman While You’re Out, Join the Gentlemen’s Club, & SPRING into Fashion: Episode 33

First and foremost, "The Life of a Gentleman" staff would like to thank all of our listeners for the continued support while we took a couple of months to develop new content and show ideas. We appreciate the downloads & subscribers and we hope to feed more of your appetites to becoming gentlemen & gentleladies.

During this episode of "The Life of a Gentleman," Richard is joined by Diandra Marie as they discuss how to properly act when going out. There is nothing wrong with having a good time, but Richard and Diandra give tips to ensure we do not lose sight of the Gentleman's Code. Then, our special guest, Tamron Baker speaks about his experiences starting a Gentlemen's Club on his college campus. Tamryn shares how his club has already made an impact on campus and what he has learned from it. Lastly, our style guru, Denis Styles is back and gives his insight on how to properly dress for spring. Stay tuned for more episodes on fashion, lifestyle, & etiquette.

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