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How to Really Grow a Business & Get a Shark Tank Deal

Mike Watts has founded 6 startups and has over 50 Million dollars in sales - do we have your attention now? In this episode of the show, Mike goes on to explain how he got started in entrepreneurship as a part-time side hustle and grew his business idea beyond his wildest dreams. Of course, you'll learn all about the ups and downs as well as setbacks and how to overcome them. Eventually, Mike landed a new deal with Daymond John (from Shark Tank) and his newest venture is flying off the shelves and growing to over 30 employees. If you have an idea and have experienced doubt, Mike's story will uplift and energize you! Our second guest this week, Eduardo...

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How to Create Brand Identity, Collaborate on Instagram & Live Your Dreams

Listen in as Richard is joined by Denis for the second week in a row. Get a behind the scenes look at what it takes to launch a new product line. If you have thought of starting your own brand, this is a can't miss an episode. There is a lot that goes into launching a product - selecting items, sourcing products, creating a brand identity and just the logistics of it all. You'll hear the plan for Amara Jewelry, the new women's accessory line by (podcast official sponsor) Harrison Blake Apparel. Richard is then joined by two aspiring models from Detroit, MI that will be involved in the Amara Jewelry product launch, initial photo shot and more! Both ladies...

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Can Men Launch a Women’s Jewelry Line? & How to Transition into the IT Field

This week the podcast gets back on track after a break due to a hectic March 2019. Rich @thelifeofagent is joined by an old friend of the show @denis_styles and they discuss launching @amara_jewelry the new jewelry line for women by Harrison Blake Apparel. Richard explains how and why he decided to dabble into the world of women's accessories and how Denis adds his expertise into the mix. Learn about the behind the scenes aspect of a brand launch, how to select a brand "vibe" and models to bring the products to life. If you have a business idea and haven't pursued it - this show will give you the boost to do so. You will hear a conversation between two gentlemen that is positive, encouraging...

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How to Transition into Entrepreneur Life and Sell Online

This episode Rich @thelifeofagent is joined by Robert @theweltheguy and they discuss Robert's transition into full-time entrepreneurship. So many people want to take this leap but either doesn't know how or have certain reservations about doing so. Robert does an awesome job of explaining how and why - as well as breaking down the correct mindset to have. If you have a business idea and haven't pursued it - this show will give you the boost to do so. You will hear a conversation between two gentlemen that is positive, encouraging and full of actionable tips you can take to live your own dream. The best thing an entrepreneur can do is get the right mindset and surround themselves with like-minded individuals. This podcast...

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How to Build a Professional Wardrobe & Spring Fashion Trends in 2019

This week Rich @thelifeofagent chats with not one, but two entrepreneurs in the men's fashion industry. First up, Troy @thegenuine_article breaks down what to look for this Spring, so that you can look your best! Troy works in the fabric industry and his inside knowledge will blow you away... After that Eduardo @eduardoxavier_elstylist joins Rich and explains why quality is better than quantity when it comes to building your wardrobe. Find out how paying more for suits and shoes actually costs you less in the long run. Yes, you read that right! Tune in and you'll understand why many men make fashion mistakes when at the department store.   Follow us on Instagram  @gentlemanspodcast Follow Rich  @thelifeofagent Follow Harrison Blake Apparel  @wearlapelpins Grow Your Biz -...

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